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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Download [BLCD] Yajuu de Hatsukoi (野獣で初恋) + Manga

Yajuu de Hatsukoi ( First Love in the wild beast)  BL Drama CD
Author: Yamato Nase (Yamato Naze)
3 track

Download [ here ]
Pairings: (seme x uke)
Takashi Kondo ( Kondoh Takashi)  x Kenji Nojima ( Nojima Kenji)
Other Casts:
Takada Masakuni: Takashi Kondo ( Kondoh Takashi)
Higaki Kano: Kenji Nojima ( Nojima Kenji)
Shigemura: Satoru Inoue ( Inoue Satoru)
Natori: Jun Konno ( Konno Jun)
Students: Namura SaiwaiTaro ( Namura Yukitarou)
Students: Fuminori Komatsu ( Komatsu Fuminori)
Students: Kawakami Takashi ( Kawakami Takafumi)
Students: Nobunaga Shimazaki ( Shimazaki Nobunaga)
Classmate: Mizuki Nakamura ( Nakamura Mizuki)
Woman friend: Takahashi Haruka ( Haruka Takahashi)

Download Yajuu de Hatsukoi by Yamato Nase manga 
[ here ]

NB: PLEASE READ !! announcement


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